As an outsource marketing team, our role depends on what our clients need. So we take the call from the client and keep our legs moving until the whistle blows. And we’re pinch hitters. We’re rarely engaged just to create, design, write or program a single job. We’re typically brought in to solve a business challenge or score a business development opportunity.


In the world of Jerry Maguire versus Bob Sugar, Jerry goes all in with select clients he believes in (if you haven’t seen the movie, start reading here). Our agency has select relationships where the leadership lines become very blurry. The roles of client and agency shift to true partners.

Creative Services

The convergence of design, digital, content and conversation has created a new breed of creatives. The ingredients are the same, but the recipes change daily. Knight’s team of designers, writers, programmers and marketing thinkers understand that everything must work together to achieve success.

Custom Media

There you are trying to make the magic happen, but you can’t find the right media to buy or the right reporter to tell your story. Sometimes you just need to do it yourself. Knight’s unique approach to marketing journalism opens the door to alternative thinking. There are many ways to use Custom Media to tell your story.

Business Development

The creative process starts way before ink and pixels. The best design can’t fix a bad business idea. We’ve always thrived in the creation of new business and new revenue. That’s because our Business Development approach starts and ends with new thinking and meticulous measurement.



This could get messy. And it should. Because your needs are different from anyone else. We have several services, areas of expertise and unconventional approaches that we can bring to the table. It just depends on what your business is thirsty for.



All agencies have clients. We have friends.