Branding. Beach Party. Beer Pong.

June 15, 2015

There’s something you should know about us by now… If you say, “we need a rebrand” or “we want to play beer pong” we get equally excited. ERC gave us both. After a few successful acquisitions and an expansion of their lines of business, they were ready for a new story, logo, website, sales tools, you name it.

Because of the scope and impact of the project, part of the roll-out strategy was to hold a senior leadership event to align all leaders on the new company story and refreshed vision, and to preview the site and sales materials we developed. On June 10th, we did just that, at One Ocean Resort in Jacksonville Beach. We held a photo shoot to capture leader photos for the new site. And we kicked off our internal communications plan so that the leaders could go back to each site and host Town Hall meetings to share the rebrand with ERC’s employees. It was a solid plan.


And it wasn’t all business.

After the meeting, we had a reception on the hotel’s ocean front deck. We brought ERC branded beer pong tables, corn hole and Mike and Dodd got to relive a little of their UCF days. ERC’s culture and ours line up well and we had a great time. Looking forward to ERC SLT 2016.


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