Craft food, beer, spirits. And beer.

January 7, 2015

It’s always awesome when we get to work on a new concept from scratch. Crafted came to us with an idea for a restaurant, with no name, no identity, no menu, nothing. It was creative, strategy and business development with no limits. Not to mention a lot of beer.

Once the concept started to take shape and we all landed on the type of menu offerings it would feature, it became clear that this place was about quality craft beer and handcrafted dishes. So Crafted Block & Brew became the name, speaking to craft brew and artisan cuisine – fresh off the block and just up the block from many Metro West neighborhoods.


To play off the handmade yet high quality menu, we designed with butcher paper, twine, canvas, stamping and chalkboards featuring hand written lettering by our own in-house talent. To balance the look so it didn’t become too snooty, we wrote very playful, sometimes downright punny copy. These elements were used to create everything; the menus, check presenters, signage, postcards, fliers, website and more.


We kicked in a social media strategy to build a fan base organically and entice locals through word of mouth and contesting.


The grand opening was one of those great moments where we got to see it all come to life. Customers were sampling the menu and checking out over a year’s worth of our work. We were drinking.

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