Take it to the Lanes

May 6, 2013

Every so often, we all get together and take part in a little outing that we like to call, Attitude Adjustment Day. Let’s be real, if you work in marketing and advertising long enough and don’t need a little adjusting, you’re either full of it or on something.

The most recent ‘tude tweaking took place at Splitsville, Downtown Disney. We dined, we danced and we did something that resembled bowling. The interactive guys proved to be the most athletically inclined, followed by our account superstar Jane who, at 9 months pregnant, scored the most strikes of anyone. It was a well-earned retreat from a very busy and productive year so far and pretty cool that we could play in the very place where we did some of our best work. We will be back for sure. We will not however, be participating in any bowling tournaments anytime soon.

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