A New Set of Wheels for Milton

May 25, 2013

There aren’t too many professionals who work off Orange Ave and don’t know Milton McKnight. We’re lucky enough to hang with Milton every day, because he sits in front of our office with nothing less than a warm smile and a killer attitude. So when his motorized wheelchair needed to be replaced, there was no question that we were going to help make that happen.

We brainstormed all kinds of fund raising ideas – from a simple collection to a bar crawl to a 5k. But we decided to start with a simple flyer, telling his story and requesting a donation. The flyer sent potential donors to his website, already set up with a Pay Pal account. Milton handed the flyers out himself. And the results blew us away. He reached his goal and then some. Milton wants to use the generosity of his community to help others in need. We are both humbled and incredibly inspired. And while we set out simply to help Milton get his new chair, he helped us become a part of something bigger – something we feel truly good about.

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