June 15, 2015

Branding. Beach Party. Beer Pong.

There’s something you should know about us by now… If you say, “we need a rebrand” or “we want to play beer pong” we get equally excited. ERC gave us both. After a few successful acquisitions and an expansion of their lines of business, they were ready for a new story, logo, website, sales tools,…

March 27, 2015

Let’s Hablo Taco.

What’s more natural than two gringos opening a Mexican restaurant? Neither speak a lick of Spanish, nor do they have any Latin blood whatsoever. For our long time clients and friends Mark and Guy, it’s pretty spot on. They’re the brilliant minds behind Splitsville, a bowling and dining concept that’s spreading like wild fire –…

January 7, 2015

Craft food, beer, spirits. And beer.

It’s always awesome when we get to work on a new concept from scratch. Crafted came to us with an idea for a restaurant, with no name, no identity, no menu, nothing. It was creative, strategy and business development with no limits. Not to mention a lot of beer. Once the concept started to take shape and we…

September 19, 2014
Starwood College

Leave the pizza. Take the opportunity.

For many college students, a part time job means slinging pies at pizza shop. Or something like it. Starwood Hotels & Resorts set out to change the angle on part time work by creating the Starwood Student Experience. Land a spot with Starwood and you’re not only earning extra cash, but you’re one foot in the door with a…

June 18, 2014
Starwood CCC

Hear Our Stories

Starwood Hotels & Resorts came to us to help them create a campaign for their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. But we knew that writing a statement about being diverse, about accepting people from all backgrounds, was simply not enough. There was a much bigger opportunity there. Starwood truly is a global company. People from literally all corners of the…

June 1, 2013

50,000 Square Feet of Bowling, Sushi and Knight Creative

We’ve been working with Splitsville from the beginning. It’s a great concept – bowling, fine dining and cocktails set in a party atmosphere with an awesome soundtrack. We had a great time branding the business, with retro art and tongue in cheek copy. So we were pretty excited when we heard the news that Splitsville…