Branded Media

January 4, 2012

Is it a new-fangled dance? Jean-Claude Van Damme’s latest movie?

No, it’s Knight’s approach to marketing journalism. 

Branded Media, Custom Media, Member Media, Content Marketing, all the same thing. It’s a pretty broad term for the development, production and delivery of media, to cause a connection between the sponsor of the medium and the medium’s audience. It’s usually sponsored by a single marketer and its goal is to reach a highly targeted audience of consumers. Some firms outsource this sort of thing. We do it right here at Knight.

We both know that the ‘everything to everyone’ approach doesn’t work. So with Branded Media, we take our marketing expertise, in-house journalism and everything we know about a client’s target audience and customize our messaging to serve the specific interests of the consumers. Rather than blindly plugging products and services, we build relationships, trust and loyalty, which ultimately influences purchase decisions.

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