May 30, 2013


This is a little embarrassing, but is it a rash? No, it’s the process of idea generation. And it does spread around here. When we generate, develop and communicate new ideas, we’re implementing the creative process called Ideation. And it’s not really about the BIG idea as much as the RIGHT one. So we activate…

May 7, 2012

Sun vs. Snow

Sun vs Snow is what we like to call a Knightism. It’s an expression we made up as a way to redirect a client when they get too specific at the concept stage. It’s to steer away from the “Make the Logo Bigger” talk before we’ve even nailed down the strategy. We think it’s best…

January 4, 2012
6 HATS 2

Six Thinking Hats

Is this some sort of wizardry you use behind closed doors?
 It’s not about wands and potions, but it sure works like magic. The Six Thinking Hats® represent functions of a parallel thinking process – something we do to help us become more productive and mindfully involved. They work by mentally separating our roles into…

January 4, 2012


Is it a fancy new French dish? Or stuff built by a guy named Mark? Actually, it’s what makes us a strategic business partner and not a design firm. We plan and build like architects. We create and implement like marketers. So we’re Marketects. We build business with science and art, strategy and planning, designing…

January 4, 2012

Branded Media

Is it a new-fangled dance? Jean-Claude Van Damme’s latest movie? No, it’s Knight’s approach to marketing journalism.  Branded Media, Custom Media, Member Media, Content Marketing, all the same thing. It’s a pretty broad term for the development, production and delivery of media, to cause a connection between the sponsor of the medium and the medium’s…