Come Up and See Us Sometime

Want to visit our castle in Downtown Orlando? Google Maps will get you to us. If you’re willing to brave your way past jay-walking pedestrians (guilty) and our moat of one-way streets, be sure to hitch your wagon in our preferred spot: The PLAZA PARKING GARAGE. Enter on Court Ave and bring us the ticket so we can validate you. Or at least your parking.

Friendly Tip #1: If you drive something tank-like, you may want to street park instead.

Friendly Tip #2: When exiting this garage, use the left exit. It’s wider. You’re welcome.

Once you’re walking, we’re on Orange Ave across the street from the Plaza Cinema. Resist the urge to see Adam Sandler’s latest, and take the Gone with the Wind staircase up between Siegel’s Menswear and Ego Lab. If you’d rather take the elevator, it’s hidden behind the stairs. Take it to “M” for Mezzanine. We consider this a sneak attack, so please take the stairs if you can, or call us for help.